Martin Luther King

Fifty years ago today, Martin Luther King, leader of the civil rights movement, was killed in Memphis, Tennessee. He left us with a dream that all people be treated equal regardless of the color of their skin.

In those fifty years, a lot has happened. We have made some progress, but we are at risk of seeing all we have gained destroyed by a society that encourages hatred and promotes violence.

My dream is that someday we can all live in peace, that we can embrace, shelter, and feed the poor, and the stranger

As you reflect on Martin Luther King’s legacy, get in touch with your dreams. What do you want for your future, for the future of the world?

Touch the love in your heart and let it guide your thoughts and actions.

Let’s sing a hymn to peace and prosperity for all.

2 thoughts on “Martin Luther King

  1. There is still too much racism in our country. It doesn’t help having a president who just about condones it. I would hate to be a black man in America. I would always fear of being stopped by the police and possibly shot or being dealt unfairly anywhere really, in the courts, restaurants, the workplace, etc. Deporting undocumented Hispanics, “the wall”, little help to the people of Puerto Rico regarding the hurricane, these are a few examples where racism is very much still alive.

    I honestly don’t think there will ever be world peace or peace in the United States and I consider myself a positive person. I wish there was. I truly do. I hope I am wrong.

  2. Susan, unfortunately I believe you’re right. There’s so much hatred and racism in this country. I feel fortunate that despite having a Hispanic name, I don’t look Latino. Otherwise, I would have the fear you’re talking about. Being singled out because of my heritage and treated poorly as a result. I try to let insults about others because of their race, nationality, or sexual orientation wash over me as if I were made of Teflon. Yet, they still manage to sting. I’m so glad I came to this country when I did and not today. I don’t think I would be given the same opportunities that were offered me then. It is sad to see this country being led by such incompetent fools. I love the U.S., but I’m not proud of what I see happening here.

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