Martin Luther King

Fifty years ago today, Martin Luther King, leader of the civil rights movement, was killed in Memphis, Tennessee. He left us with a dream that all people be treated equal regardless of the color of their skin. In those fifty years, a lot has happened. We have made some progress, but we are at risk […]

Poemas cubanos

I – Gente del Solá Oye, Cachita, Cachumba, Oye, negra de solá suelta e’coba Deja todo que ya es hora de bailar Aquí tengo a Domitila Maricusa y Soleda Han traído hasta chancletas Porque quieren chancletar ¡Pero que cosa, mi negra! ¿Que la gente va a pensar de nosotras? Que somos chusmas Yo se que […]

Paradise can be Murder — review

Paradise Can be Murder The fourth installment in the Kay Driscoll series by Susan Bernhardt is out. Paradise Can be Murder is a delightful read that chronicles a Caribbean cruise, Kay, her husband Phil, friends Deirdre and husband, and another close friend, Elizabeth, alone because her husband has to work, take–hoping for a week of […]

The Fear Factor: to act or not to act.

Fear can be a healthy feeling. It can even save your life. That might sound like an oxymoron. But is it? Most of us have been told that fear is a bad thing. Well I’m going to show you it’s not. First let’s talk about what fear is. Fear is a psychological or physical reaction […]

What Says the Moon

These three poems of mine (the last one is an acrostic) were just published by somos en escrito, an online literary journal. Click on the arrow above to listen to a song I wrote. La Luna Canta (The Moon Sings) Do you ever wonder about the moon? Does she laugh your laughs? Does she cry […]

Best Cuban Black Beans Ever!

Preparation Quick soak method: place black beans in large pot. Pour enough hot water to cover beans. Bring to a boil for two minutes. Remove from heat. Cover and let stand for 1 hour. While beans are waiting, sauté the onions until transparent, then add cumin and both cans of chili peppers. Rinse and drain […]