Award-winning Author and Musician Lorenzo Martinez photographed by Brian Vogel Photography.
Award-winning Author and Musician Lorenzo Martinez photographed by Brian Vogel Photography.


Born in Cuba, Lorenzo Pablo Martinez was part of Operation Pedro Pan, a secretive mass exodus of children fleeing the Castro regime that landed in America between 1960 and 1962.  He holds a master’s in piano performance from the Manhattan School of Music and a doctorate in music education from Teachers College, Columbia University. As a pianist, he has appeared in recitals and on radio and television. Also a prolific composer, his music has been performed nationally and at international festivals. The television show Captain Kangaroo featured some of his works, and for Group Soup, a children’s book published by Viking, he contributed the title song. In addition, a book of his children’s songs, The Circus was published by Clarus Music Ltd.

Lorenzo Pablo Martinez translated all twelve episodes of The Second Voyage of the Mimi produced by Bank Street College of Education for PBS, and published his own children’s story, The Ballerina and the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. He recently completed a memoir of his Pedro Pan experience, CUBA, ADIOS, which received first prize in the 2016 International Latino Book Award and was a finalist in Readers FavoritesSomos en Escrito, an online literary journal, has published some of his works. Martinez wrote an Op-ed for The Miami City Herald and served as co-editor on Susan Bernhardt’s The Ginseng Conspiracy, a Kay Driscoll Mystery published by Muse It Up.

Over the years Martinez has played important roles in the not-for-profit arena, overseeing the development and communications/marketing departments at a number of international organizations specializing in education, health, and the arts. He has represented those organizations at international conferences and has been a lecturer at several New York institutions such as New York University, the New School, York College of the City University of New York and the 92nd Street Y.

Martinez is a sough-after speaker and writing coach.

Martínez is the former Executive Director of the Houston Chamber Choir, a professional  group that received The American Prize 2015 for best choral ensemble in the United States.

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  1. Dear Lorenzo:
    I just found your blog as a result of what is called “serendipity”. I couldn’t be luckier and more happy! We have not been in touch for a long time. I am proud to read all the literature you have produced. I don’t know if you have continued working on your Pedro Pan manuscript. In case you have not, I want to reiterate what I told you last time we were in touch: it will be a winner. I believe to have read everything on that subject. The last book I am aware of is Christina Diaz Gonzalez’s “The red umbrella” (Random House (Knopf), 2010). The success of the book reflects the interest of the American public about this subject matter. I know Christina personally and she is a popular speaker in school and other events by adults.I am telling you this because you will bring your experience as a Pedro Pan. And I can assure you that the reader will be fascinated. I am writing a short story about “la pecera” (the fish tank) at Havana’s airport and part of the drama is trying to portray so many children inside that crystal cage crying for the parents they left outside. It is not the same when you have experienced the story you are telling. You have a moral obligation to tell that story. I hope you have already done so.
    Will try to get in touch again. I have corresponded with your sister Rosaurita and will do so again soon.
    Congratulations on your blog! A million successes in your writing and your life full of generosity and care for the others. You have given so much and deserve much more.
    Mercy (Merceditas) and I send our love,
    Pepin Alvarez

  2. Lorenzo, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate your kind words. Your blog is great and look forward to reading more.


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