Fingers crossed

While waiting for the results of the International Latino Book Awards, for which my book, Cuba, Adios, has been nominated in two categories (Best First Book, and Best Autobiography), I was delighted to read the following editorial review of the book (the awards will be announced on September 8th, so keep tuned in) Cuba, Adios […]

Love for your parents

After all the acts of violence we have witnessed in this country and abroad, I decided to dedicate my blog for the next two months to messages of love and gratitude. So, I asked my friend Carmen Teresa Zamora to write a tribute to her parents. Her message will put a smile to your face […]

Music reconnects in exile

Is music a form of spirituality? With the top of the convertible down, the “Flower Duet” from Lakme poured out from the car into the cool breeze of the South Beach evening. The soprano producing such vocal gymnastics was Joan Sutherland. The mezzo, Huguette Tourangeau. The duet reached a melodic height so luscious and liquid, […]

Travel to Cuba

The sight of Cubans traveling to Cuba, lugging duffel bags crammed with soap, toys and other consumer goods to give to their relatives, and bringing 40-inch television sets, bicycles, video-game consoles, even car tires, bothers me. My annoyance revolves around two points: 1) Those travelers are aiding Castro’s Cuba. Showering their relatives with those items […]

Cuba, Adios

First, it’s a dream. Then, it’s hard work that stretches over months and years, peppered with sheer frustration. Doubts creep into your sleepless nights. Who will want to read this? Who cares? You don’t think you can do it. Somehow you go on. You’re too far into it to give up. The day comes when […]

The Cubans: Our Footprints Across America

Today, I have the pleasure to showcase Fernando “Fernán” Hernández, author of The Cubans: Our Footprints Across America and The Cubans: Our Legacy in the United States. I met “Fernán” through a Facebook group composed of Pedro Pans, persons who participated in an exodus of Cuban children to America in the early 60s. Welcome, Fernando. […]

How to end “writer’s block”

There are times when working on a memoir, or any kind of writing for that matter, an author feels stuck. “What should I write about next?” “How does this scene fits in with the rest of my story?” Often the writer stares at a blank screen for hours, even days, fearing “writer’s block.”   I’ve had […]