Violeta – Part 2

That same afternoon, her neighbor, Rafael, drove Violeta to El Caney, a small village 4.5 miles northeast of Santiago. The name “Caney” meant longhouse in Taino, the language of a tribe of Indians by the same name that first settled in this part of Cuba; eventually the Tainos spread to other parts of Cuba, building […]

What’s Under Your Tree?

It is my pleasure to feature Susan Bernhardt, friend and writing colleague. Congratulations, Susan, on your second book, Murder Under the Tree, which just came out. Your first, The Ginseng Conspiracy, received great attention and notices. I’m sure this one will too. Thank you, Lorenzo. I’m happy for the opportunity to be here. How long […]

Farewell to Donny

Farewell to Donny Saying goodbye to a friend after an enjoyable evening of dinner and drinks leaves us with a smile. When we lose a parent, spouse, sibling, child, or pet, however, our goodbyes come laden with grief rather than joy. Why have I included a pet on the list? Because saying goodbye to a […]

Playing by the Book

S. CHRIS SHIRLEY It is my pleasure to introduce S. Chris Shirley, award-winning author and director, whose first novel, Playing by the Book, was recently published by Magnus Books. Chris, before we start, I want to tell you how much I loved your book. Every time I put it down, I felt like I had […]