Fidel Castro is Dead!

Fidel Castro is Dead! Over the years, news of Fidel Castro’s demise circulated in the Hispanic media and was gossiped about in Miami’s Cuban community: Se murió Fidel was a comment often heard in Calle Ocho, the center of what is known in Miami as Little Havana–the announcement turned out to be a hoax every […]

Fingers crossed

While waiting for the results of the International Latino Book Awards, for which my book, Cuba, Adios, has been nominated in two categories (Best First Book, and Best Autobiography), I was delighted to read the following editorial review of the book (the awards will be announced on September 8th, so keep tuned in) Cuba, Adios […]

Love for your parents

After all the acts of violence we have witnessed in this country and abroad, I decided to dedicate my blog for the next two months to messages of love and gratitude. So, I asked my friend Carmen Teresa Zamora to write a tribute to her parents. Her message will put a smile to your face […]