Best Cuban Black Beans Ever!

Preparation Quick soak method: place black beans in large pot. Pour enough hot water to cover beans. Bring to a boil for two minutes. Remove from heat. Cover and let stand for 1 hour. While beans are waiting, sauté the onions until transparent, then add cumin and both cans of chili peppers. Rinse and drain […]

Fidel Castro is Dead!

Fidel Castro is Dead! Over the years, news of Fidel Castro’s demise circulated in the Hispanic media and was gossiped about in Miami’s Cuban community: Se murió Fidel was a comment often heard in Calle Ocho, the center of what is known in Miami as Little Havana–the announcement turned out to be a hoax every […]

Fingers crossed

While waiting for the results of the International Latino Book Awards, for which my book, Cuba, Adios, has been nominated in two categories (Best First Book, and Best Autobiography), I was delighted to read the following editorial review of the book (the awards will be announced on September 8th, so keep tuned in) Cuba, Adios […]

Next Time

  I couldn’t stop the killings When smoke darkened the skies Of a September morning And the towers of my soul Crumbled in terror As the body count mounted. I was too far away. I couldn’t stop the killings When children crouched under desks And hid in closets Waiting for the monster who ended their […]

Letter from Sir Toby

My name is Sir Toby. You might think it a bit pompous for a white, small dog like me. However, my daddies Thom and Lorenzo think it’s pretty neat and love to introduce me to strangers we meet on the streets as Sir Toby, crooning the word Sir as if reaching for a high note […]

A Song Forever!

When I lived in New York City, only a block away from Central Park, I would stroll through Strawberry Fields, singing the iconic Beatles song. The area had been a favorite of John’s and his wife Yoko while John was still alive; often the two could be seen together walking arm-in-arm in the rustic tranquility […]